July Book Review: The House of God

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Samuel Shem caused quite an uproar in the 1970’s, when the raunchy, humorous and controversial novel ‘The House of God’ was first published. That is partly because it speaks so boldly about the brutal realities young physicians face in training; 100-plus-hour-weeks, the mental and physical drain of being on-call every few nights, the tangible hospital hierarchy, and comical or not-so-comical stories that come from giving so much to medicine.

This book was crucial in bringing to light the misuse and abuse of young physicians, and it helped initiate the dialog of limiting resident-hours. Selling over two million copies, ‘The House of God’ has continued to prove relevant, which is why The Doctors Book Club selected it as our book for July. Join us as we further the conversations that Samuel Shem began almost 40 years ago.

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