August Book Review: Still Alice

If you lose your mind, are you still yourself? Are you still Alice?

First it is just a word, on the tip of your tongue that you can’t seem to find. Or a forgotten appointment. Common mistakes, right? But what if it were more than that? What if those little moments, the little fragments of memory that piece together your whole world begin to disappear and gaps where information once lived grow wider?

This beautifully-written story of Harvard professor Alice Howland lets us peek into the terrifying world that is Alzheimer’s disease. Author Lisa Genova take us through the emotions of those first few misplaced thoughts and words. She lets us follow as Alice faces diagnosis, and finds herself lost in ever widening gaps.

As you read you can feel the panic, as she is unable to find her way home on a campus she has all but memorized. The embarrassment, as she reintroduces herself to someone she knows well. Or the defeat as the material she has spent her career mastering breaks down. Then you remember that to many this isn’t just a fictional novel, this is a real ruthless disease that we have been witness to as physicians. A disease that has robbed so many of their most precious memories and identity.

Join us as we read and discuss Alzheimer’s disease and Still Alice from our unique viewpoint inside medicine.


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